Yarrow for cuts and scrapes

by Laura

For all of you who don’t know what yarrow is (and I didn’t either until recently) don’t feel bad. It is a herb that grows wild all over the United States. I always see it lining the roads. You will also find it in the woods, on the sides of mountains, as in hiking trails, almost anywhere.

It is a wonderful herb for cuts and scrapes. If you are not part of an herb community you may think this is a little weird, but yarrow can stop even tremendous bleeding from deep wounds. Just pack some fresh yarrow in a baggy and put it in your first aid kit. If a cut occurs, just chew it up to add saliva to it, which brings out its “medicine” and cover the wound with it. I told you it was weird, but it works better than just pressure. This is efficient especially if you are dealing with a wound that needs medical attention and the hospital or nearest medical center if far away.
Yarrow’s medicinal effect is blood clotting. It is wonderful. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it in this way, but I have read many testimonials to its effect. However, I do carry it in my first aid kit.

Yarrow is also a wonderful tea. It is a little bitter, but a wonderful healer. After drinking it for about a few days I noticed that I was able to tolerate milk and all dairy products. I also have a nasty soda addiction. I noticed that I no longer craved soda, nor did I have the caffeine withdrawal and I had energy. Other than the bitter taste it also has a drying effect. My advice is to only drink what you need and this requires a trial and error process.

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