Dislocated Shoulder and other Dislocations

Dislocated Shoulders and other joint dislocations like fingers, hips and ankles can happen due to sudden jerking movements and blows to the body such as which can happen during contact sports or accidents.

first aid for dislocated finger

Signs of a Dislocation

The injury will be over a joint with swelling and discolouration. It will be very painful and disfigured or misshaped.

First Aid for dislocated finger

First Aid for Dislocations

  • You have to seek immediate medical attention for this one.
  • Apply ice if available.
  • Give pain relievers to control the pain and secure the injury with a splint.
First Aid for dislocated shoulder
first aid for dislocated shoulder
  • Do not attempt to straighten the limb.
  • The only time straightening the limb is advisable is if the injured limb is cold, there is no pulse below the injury and you are far away from medical help. For example, if you are hiking or camping and help is many hours or days away.


  • If you have had a dislocation in the past, strap the area or wear a brace to provide support.
  • Wear protective gear particularly around knees, elbows and ankles.
  • Train within the sport of your choice and do not just go into a game or race without warming up your muscles and joints.

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