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fracture first aid
fracture first aid

Types of Fractures

Open fracture - Skin breaks causing open wound

Closed fracture - Skin is not broken

Complicated fractures - There is damage of adjacent organs

Stress fracture - Hairline crack due to repeated stress

Greenstick fracture - It gets its name as it looks just like a green twig, all jagged, when it is bent and snapped. This fracture is most common in children as they have flexible bones that are still maturing.

At times it can be very difficult to tell if the bone is fractured, sprained or dislocated. Dislocations and sprains should be treated as you would a closed fracture.

A dislocation is when a joint, such as a knee, ankle, or shoulder, has come out of its socket or correct position.

A sprain is when the connecting tissues of the joints have been torn.

Signs of a Fracture

  • Severe pain at injury site.
  • Difficulty in movement of the area.
  • Swelling and/or bruising. Swelling in a fractured area happens rapidly.
  • Bleeding at the site.
  • Deformity like abnormal twist of limb.
  • Tenderness on applying pressure.
  • Protruding bone.
  • Sharp pain when the individual attempts to move the part.

Now we have identified types and signs of a Fractures lets find out how to give first aid for fractures ...

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Fractured arm photo by Chris Pirillo
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