How to apply an Arm Sling

After bandaging an injured forearm or wrist the arm may require an arm sling.

Suggestions include:

arm sling
  • Use a triangular bandage. Open it up and place it lengthwise against the person's body. Make sure the point of the bandage is towards the person’s elbow on the injured side.
  • Arrange the person's arm so that it is held in front of their body and bent at the elbow, with the forearm slightly up above the horizontal.
  • Tie the hanging end of the bandage to the top end by looping it behind the person's neck. Make the knot on their uninjured side.
arm sling
  • The injured arm should be comfortably supported in the sling.
  • Fold the point of the bandage along the person's arm, and pin or tape it with say micropore/paper tape securely. This will prevent their arm from slipping out the back/elbow side of the sling.

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